Legal Registers

Good news! ...Health and Safety law is there to proactively manage health and safety and stop people being hurt.  

If you run a business you want to be in compliance and that means knowing what is relevant to you and what is not.  You don’t want to waste time if it doesn’t concern you, but neither do you want to neglect your legal duties becuase that would be a criminal act that could end very badly.

So, the question is ...are you confident you’ve got it all covered?


We agree, there is a lot of Health and Safety legislation out there, and you are expected to know which are applicable to your business. That’s why having a register, or list, of the relevant, applicable legislation and other relevant sources of good practice, applicable to the business is just the answer you are looking for to this problem.   Talk to us about what your business does and we can produce your own register, which will summarise the key objectives of the applicable legislation in relation to what you do …then we can verify with you that you have the systems and arrangements to keep you compliant and out fo the courts!

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