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IOSH 2013


Adele Wood, Managing Director of Risk Protection Solutions, was invited to lead a Coreskills+ workshop at the IOSH 2013 Conference.

Held in the enormous ExCel venue in London, over 2 days, the event was attended by over 700 Health and SafetyProfessionals. It is billed by the conference organisers as the "worlds biggest annual flagship conference" about H&S.

Adele was there in the capacity of a subject matter expert in chemical safety and led a technical workshop on day 2 of the IOSH conference.  The workshop was titled: 

"Practical Advice and Guidance on CoSHH"

"This years Coreskills+ workshop programme was the most popular to date" said IOSH.

Here is some of the feedback Adele received from attendees after the workshop:

" … really enjoyed the session completely"

" All the topics were excellently described and explained"

"Highly Appreciated!"

[To read the Presenter Biography and CoreSkills Brochure in full, just click on the images]

Dangerous Animals and Avoiding Disaster

The work undertaken by Risk Protection Solutions Ltd is of great value to our clients. Here is the abstract from the poster that was presented by the Director of Venomtech Ltd at the Institute of Animal Technology Congress (IAT) - 27th to 30th of March 2012.

To view the poster in full, please click on the image below.

"Working with venomous animals presents several obvious challenges, but coupled with a climate of economic instability and civil unrest, you have a volatile situation. This presentation will provide insights on the unique higher level lab and business management that were needed to evolve Venomtech Ltd into the business it is today. Health and safety is of course of paramount importance, but protecting people is only one aspect of averting disaster and truly protecting your business. It is estimated that 80% of businesses affected by a major incident close within 18 months if they did not have a contingency plan in place. By working with Risk Protection Solutions Ltd, Venomtech Ltd has adopted a proactive and wider approach to risk protection considering not only how to protect people, but also how to protect the business and avert disaster in the wider sense"

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