"Our work with Adele Wood aimed to provide us with a framework to improve and maintain a safety management system. We were thrilled when Adele’s hard work resulted in an emergency action strategy followed by implementation that was beyond our expectations in terms of the speed with which we accomplished our goal, and the good feedback we received from the HSE."

"What we appreciated most about working with Adele is that she provided us with a framework to maintain our safety management system and constantly improve upon it.’

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"Risk assessment is critical to all work places, we all know this, but it’s important to understand it’s not just the hazards you know and directly work with that can effect your labs performance and continuation. We knew how to safely work with venomous animals and what to do in the event of envenomation. We now know how our business can continue to operate in a comprehensive range of situations. The events may be largely beyond our control such as fire in a neighbours building or an influenza pandemic but being prepared isn’t. Getting Risk Protection Solutions Ltd to assess the risk posed by hazards outside our laboratory has opened our eyes to what our business was potentially at risk from and how best to continue, i.e. building a business continuity plan. Such that when our landlord sold the premises and we had to relocate over 400 venomous animals we had a plan in place and Venomtech Ltd continues to thrive in our new location."

"Venomtech have been truly impressed by the services provided as part of the Business Resilience Portfolio from Risk Protection Solutions. The work has focused on business continuity planning, the initial risk assessment was performed in great detail and considered every potential threat to our business and accompanying mitigation strategies needed.  Every meeting was managed with upmost efficiency and diligence. The result of this plan has been of immense value to Venomtech.   An excellent job well executed with the upmost professionalism and knowledge, as I expected.” 

"Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”  Founding Director - Venomtech Ltd.

"… a tremendous knowledge of regulatory requirements and guidances in all areas of safety and risk management. Her knowledge base allows her to combine legislative requirements with a pragmatic approach which manages safey and risk elements against the business context. She is solution focused in her outlook and looks to solve problems creatively and with excellent stakeholder engagement. Her focus on business continuity and continuous improvement always provided confidence that we were working to manage risk effectively whilst optimising productivity  ... a highly collaborative style, posesses good communication skills and is extremely diligent and thorough in her approach. She is always responsive to the needs of the business” - Vice President - Global Pharmaceutical Company

"… knowledgeable, professional and uncompromising on health and safety standards in an industry where there is little margin for error ...I would recommend her as a consultant for EHS or emergency/incident management and for assessing how resilient a business is for dealing with potential interruptions or crises.”  Director, Business Resilience - Fortune 500 Company

"... a professional and responsible individual with a unique range of skills.  She is very committed and enjoys the work she does by providing more than is expected and is an asset to any team of professionals.” Senior Locality Commissioning Manager for a Primary Care Trust in the UK

"… a key member of my project team providing Health, Safety and Environmental guidance through the design and construction phases of many projects over a number of years.  In her role of leading the team through the safety process, she provided a tailored and consistent approach to the subjects of protecting people from harm and compliance with an ever growing list of Health & Safety legislation. Her attitude and approach make her enjoyable to work with and I can recommend her in any venture in the future.”  Process/Project Engineer B.Eng, C.Eng, C.Sci, M.I.Chem.E

"Her work was thorough, principled and technically very sound, Her straightforward and practical approach, seasoned with a good sense of humour enabled her to be effective and well-regarded by the teams she supported. From my experience, I would recommend her as someone who would care about doing a good job, have the knowledge and expertise to do so, and would be great to work with in the process." Associate Director, EHS - Global Pharmaceutical Company

“…  very pragmatic in her approach to problems. She has an extensive knowledge of safety legislation and will not compromise on critical issues but she is prepared to listen to the business perspective and to facilitate approiate enabling solutions. She is very open and direct in her communication and it was a pleasure to work with her.”  Director, Analytical Sciences - Multinational Company

"Having worked with her over many years I would have no hesitation in recommending her if you are looking for someone to offer  helpful, knowledgeable and supportive consultancy on any safety or risk-related project. Much of the work we did together was around extremely complex issues related to the safety of operation of computer systems for pharmaceutical production. She not only took the time to understand the issues but was confident enough to ask the right questions when the technicalities needed further clarification. She was a pleasure to work with.” Managing Director - Independent Engineering Consultancy.

"In a process safety environment… a mature, extremely proficient and knowledgeable pragmatic person." 

"… a probing inquisitive style that facilitates her understanding of unique and unfamiliar areas that promotes good feedback and proposals to solving problems.”  Senior Director - Global Pharmaceutical Company.

"Having worked with Risk Protection Solutions consultants for  over 10 years I know that if anyone required assistance with any aspect of protecting their company I would have no hesitation in recommending them. They have a wealth of indepth knowledge in all aspects of Health and Safety, Business Continuity, Crisis and Emergency Management. They are professional, hard working, very knowledgeable, and passionate about their work. They ensure they do their best for anyone. They will always find time for you and make sure you receive a first class service.” Emergency Medical Responder/Nurse - Global Pharmaceutical Company/NHS

“With new legislation coming in it was necessary for the Freshwater Lifeboat Station on the Isle of Wight to have risk assessments in place for the operational side of the organisation as well as for fundraising operations. When we called, they came to our aid”

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