Remote performance/compliance review service

We can complete a remote complinace review and health check on your systems and arrangements for managing health and safety (and the environmental risks) against standards endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive.

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The Review process will be completed remotely, so you don’t need to take up the valuable time of key personnel for chaperoning us in your premises!

We will ask you to share with us documents, such as procedures, policies and trainng records, which we will review under terms of confidentiality.  

The review process we complete is an objective assessment of the adequacy of EHS performance in your Business, and in doing so, takes in data across all elements of your Company Health and Safety (& Environmental) Management System.  The process of remote compliance verification is recorded electronically in a spreadsheet format which has been designed to score the review against criteria we have developed to mirror universally recognised best practices and standards for the management systems (e.g. ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and HSG 65).  We also provide you with a report of our findings and recommended actions. 

This remote compliance verification toll enables us to help you to assess, in an objective manner, whether or not your EHS Management System is working as effectively and efficiently as it needs to. 

Risk Protection Solutions are experienced in analysis, measuring and reviewing performance, having done so within large and complex organisations.  Let us assist you to easily manage your complinace and performance and demonstrate the benefits that will be gained to the overall success and agility of your Business.

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